Improving Results

Improving Results

improvingImage1Top athletes think and behave differently than average athletes.
The same is true for your employees. Your top employees think and behave differently than your average employees. Top employees also provide substantially more ROI for your company than average employees.

So, instead of accepting the premise that your company will have employees at every stage of the normal distribution curve (high, average and low performers), why not build a workforce of top performers (or employees who think and behave like top performers and are growing in knowledge and experience to become top performers)?

The fact is that the results achieved by an employee are created by the behaviors that they execute. Their behaviors are created by the thinking behind the behavior. The challenge is that the vast majority of employees aren’t aware of their own thinking and its impact on their performance and their results.

improvingImage2And, no, we’re not talking about “positive thinking.” Positive thinking is “I am good enough, I am smart enough and people like me.” Your employees who think positively may also believe that one or more of your company’s products are inferior to Competitor ABC. In that situation, positive thinking won’t help.  What do your employees really think? The fact is that most of your employees are not consciously aware of what they think about:

  • your company
  • their professions (sales, managing people, etc.)
  • your customers
  • their supervisors
  • competitors and their products
  • organizational processes
  • company management
  • how they approach everyday problems/obstacles
  • team work
  • …and the list goes on.

You already know that more of the same is not the answer. Add our expertise to your industry expertise to create a no-excuses, high-performing organization. What are you waiting for?

The difference is that your top-performing employees are much more aware of the thinking that drives their performance and their results. They know that their thinking affects their behavior, their performance and their results.

improvingImage3The opportunity for your organization is to bring employees’ beliefs to the surface, compare those beliefs to the beliefs of top performers, and help all employees upgrade their beliefs and their thinking. The result will be improved individual and team performance, as well as improved organizational results overall.

Secret: This is why training and teambuilding often don’t deliver the desired results.

We’ve led this process hundreds of times for sales teams and management teams at all levels of organizations across the U.S. This works for Fortune 500 companies and eight-person sales teams.

Here’s an example. About five-and-a-half years ago, one CEO concluded, after years of effort, that his company would never be able to deliver industry-leading results. After a chance meeting at an industry conference, we helped him create a no-excuses approach to improving employee and organizational performance. Our behavior-based model creates a high-performance culture.

This CEO is grateful that he didn’t give up. His company now leads its industry and won an innovation award two years ago at the same industry conference at which we met five-plus years ago.

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