Organizational Performance

Organizational Performance

organizational performanceReal competitive advantage is achieved by companies that do more than what other companies think is possible.  These are the companies that leave their competitors with the leftovers.  These industry leading and innovative companies excel at doing two things:

1)  Capturing Untapped Potential

World class companies move past status quo thinking, habits, behaviors and results and set their sights on achieving and beating industry leading results.

The solution is to:

  • Document your company’s current mindset, culture, habits and practices.
  • Then, document your company’s desired mindset, culture, habits and practices. You’ll see the untapped potential in black and white.
  • Learn, as employees, sales people, managers and leaders to use this process continuously to deliver world class results.

Some company is leading your industry.  If that’s your company, congratulations.  However, even if your company is the industry leader, you know that’s not enough.  You understand that this year’s record setting results will likely be just “good” results in 2-3 years.

The real opportunity for “secret sauce” is to capture the untapped potential that other companies have given up on pursuing.

Over the past 25 years, we’ve guided $50 billion companies and $50 million companies through this process.

orgProImage22)  Improving Organizational Execution

Improve your company’s ability to deliver the results your senior leaders know your company is really capable of achieving.

The secret is that improving organizational execution is a non-quantitative, non-linear and sometimes counter-intuitive process.  It’s not about doing “more.”  It’s not about “scaling,” “synergy,” “monetizing,” “thinking outside the box,” etc.

Improving organizational execution is about:

  • Creating more than competing
  • Objective reality instead of well-worn delusions
  • Identifying strategic competencies that crush the competition – yes, you have them
  • Innovating new paths while competitors play catch up on the old path
  • Vision instead of wishes, hopes and dreams
  • Solutions for customers instead of solutions to internal problems
  • Trading ideas for money more than trading products/services for money
  • Determination over knowledge
  • Automatic habits instead of conscious effort

We help our clients build a mindset and a culture that creates the behaviors and habits that deliver world-class results.

Fortune 1000 Case Study

The challenge:

  • A Fortune 1000 clients contacted us a year after they became very frustrated that their very expensive leadership training efforts failed to deliver any results.
  • The training, provided by a leading nationally known vendor, included knowledge, skills and role-playing so participants could practice their new skills. Sounds like a well-designed program, right?

The Solution:

  • Their leadership training vendor did not understand how human behavior really works. The leadership training didn’t address the fact that there were beliefs in this stagnated company’s culture that made it impossible for the leadership training efforts to succeed.
  • We understand that thinking drives behavior and behavior drives results. We knew that leadership training was not the answer – at least not at that point.
  • We began by exposing the ineffective thinking and beliefs that were part of their current culture. In the process, we helped two of this company’s sales teams and their management team in one division think differently about their work.

The Result:

  • The change in thinking, behavior and results was, in their words, “remarkable.”
  • Sales improved for more than half of the sales team in the first six months.
  • The company said that communication between sales and management had never been better.
  • We are now working in all of their U.S. based divisions with their sales and management teams.

Do you feel like you are pushing a boulder uphill?

If your sales teams don’t see how better results are possible, then the boulders your sales teams are pushing uphill are far bigger than they need to be.

If your management teams think that improving individual employee performance is that “crap” that they have to do on top of their “real jobs,” the hill just got steeper.

Instead of pushing harder on the boulder, why not flatten the terrain?

orgProImage3It’s Your Move

What are the beliefs in your company that are adding to your organizational execution gap?

We invite you to explore Improving organizational execution is not the answer to every organizational challenge. However, employee and process challenges prevent companies like yours from achieving the potential that you know, down to your toes, should be achievable for your company.

Once you check us out, call our Founder and President, Jim Connolly, for a no-cost, no-follow-up conversation about your company’s challenges. Jim understands what you’re going through, not because he has worked in your industry, but because he understands human behavior and organizational process. As Jim is famous for saying, “Where there are people – there are issues!”