Our Process

Our Process

ProcessImage1Every organization faces the same challenge. We are imperfect people…in dysfunctional organizations…using flawed processes… working to achieve superior results.™

There are three principles that allow us to help our clients achieve superior results:

  • Organizational results are a function of individual employee performance
  • While every person is unique, human behavior is predictable
  • Organizational process/structure is, by its very existence, dysfunctional

ProcessImage2Over the years, our competitors have copied these principles, sometimes word-for-word, but they can’t copy our experience in delivering results using our expertise in the science of human behavior and organizational process.

We leverage the principles of human behavior and organizational process to help each client build competitive advantage and organizational results that cannot easily be matched.

As you may have already discovered, the fact is that solutions to complex business challenges don’t fit neatly into canned PowerPoint presentations.

For example, a recent manufacturing client had experienced what appeared on the surface to be a simple employee performance problem. The issue turned out to be much larger with team, process and organizational culture dimensions. They had achieved no results and paid four times what they spent with us in two previous attempts to fix the issue.

Our guidance not only solved their current issue, but made it likely never to be a problem again. Their CEO said that the return on investment from working with us was “impressive.” For him, that is high praise.

ProcessImage3In short, by working together, we will help you understand the drivers of human behavior and organizational process. These predictable and naturally occurring patterns dictate the behavior you will see and the performance you will get at your company.

To learn more about us or for a no-cost, no-pressure confidential consultation about your company’s challenges, contact our Founder and President, Jim Connolly, directly at jconnolly@orgex.com or (309) 828-9060.