Sales Team Performance

Sales Team Performance

salesTeamImage1Is your sales team executing like it should?

Is your sales team setting the pace for your industry? If one of your competitors can lead your industry, so can your company. Finally, is your sales team ready for the changes in the marketplace that will determine which company is the new market leader?

Try this. Listen to the conversation at the next sales team meeting. Are your sales reps accepting full responsibility for their performance?

Or, is the conversation about obstacles, excuses and distractions that are negatively impacting sales? Do the sales forecasts look great, but fall apart before sales close?

Let us help you increase sales and move market share by creating a no-excuses, high-performance sales culture.

We will guide your sales team through a process called Mental Toughness. It’s not about motivation or positive thinking. Mental Toughness is a mental training process that teaches sales people the same thinking, focus and concentration skills that top athletes use to set world records. The process focuses on looking at objective reality and removing excuses and obstacles (real and imagined) that get in the way of delivering industry-leading results.


The “secret” to Mental Toughness is that our proprietary process is a combination of emotional intelligence and critical thinking training.

Mental Toughness is an introspective process that causes people to examine their thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs about sales and how those factors directly impact their results. We call the process “facilitated introspection.”

The fact is that high-performing sales people have characteristics that are different than average-performing sales people. Let us help you integrate these principles in your organization and build a high(er) performing organization that delivers the results that you know are possible.


The Mental Toughness process has been used by many Fortune 500 companies for more than 16 years. Many companies have integrated the Mental Toughness process into multiple divisions of their companies for as long as nine years (and counting). Here are some of the benefits waiting for your company:

  • Dramatic increases in sales results
  • Management teams learn how to coach the process and implement it immediately
  • The criteria for hiring sales people is better refined
  • Employee retention rates climb as employees flourish working in the mental toughness environment
  • Employees achieve professional and personal results like never before
  • A new level of focus on the customer and on results emerges as distractions are removed


The mental toughness process begins with preliminary interviews with sales managers and some sales people.

From those interviews an online survey is developed. The survey gathers anonymous data about the current attitudes, beliefs, thinking and behaviors of the sales team.

A six-hour live workshop outline is then developed. This workshop, customized specifically to your survey results, takes your team through our “facilitated introspection” process. This process helps raise poor thinking and habits to a conscious level.

In addition, we help participants learn how to overcome the excuses and obstacles that they use, but are not even consciously aware of.

Finally, we instill the thinking of an Olympic athlete instead of an Olympic athlete “wanna-be” and help participants learn to build their own mental toughness. The results are immediate and improve even more over time.

The workshop can stand alone or it can be the kickoff session to our 12-month Mental Toughness coaching process. We recommend that you do the workshop before deciding on whether to proceed with the follow-up program.

The 12-month follow-up process is conducted once a week via conference calls with each sales team. After 12 months, the coaching program is taken over by the company’s management team and the process goes on permanently.

salesTeamImage4Critical Thinking Question

If not now, when? How much longer will you wait, hoping for results to improve?

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