3 Reasons You Might Want Us to Get Acquainted

Are you a business owner with any employee, leader or team performance challenges?  If so, here are 3 reasons you might want us to get acquainted:

1.  What’s different about top performing employees?

Science of Human Behavior:  Top performing employees produce 4 times more of a return to their companies than average employees.

We help companies systematically hire and build more top performing employees.  Ask us how we do it.

2.  The interviewing process has flaws and landmines.

Science of Human Behavior:  When you ask a job candidate a question, they will display their true emotion for 3/10ths of a second before putting up the facade they want you to see.

We help companies dramatically improve their hiring/interviewing processes, avoid hiring mistakes and hire more top performing employees.  Ask us how we do it.

3.  When sales teams don’t perform, millions are lost.

Science of Human Behavior:  Top performing sales people actually think differently than average/mediocre sales people.

We help sales teams incriminate their own average/mediocre thinking/ behaviors.  We help them dramatically improve their sales behaviors and results.  Ask us how we do it.

Check us out

Find out more about how we have delivered results for companies like yours at www.OrgEx.com.  Or, contact me, Jim Connolly, directly at jim@OrgEx.com.  We’ll have a no cost, no obligation discussion about the business challenges your company is facing.

About Jim Connolly

Jim Connolly is Founder & CEO of OrgEx, Inc.  OrgEx, Inc. helps companies systematically apply principles of human behavior to improve operational performance and financial results.

Jim is a sought-after speaker who uses humor to challenge the thinking of his audiences.  Jim understands how people think and uses that knowledge to equip, cajole and inspire audiences.  He has spoken to audiences as large as 1,100 people.

In his consulting practice, Jim helps clients with their most pressing people challenges, including:

· Eliminating hiring mistakes
· Reducing employee turnover
· Underperforming teams – sales teams, project teams, leadership teams
· Leader performance challenges
· Resistance to organizational change efforts that are necessary to move the company forward
· Systematically building toward record-setting and industry-leading performance

Whether it’s a company-wide issue or working with a specific department or team, we know how human behavior works so we know how to improve organizational performance and financial results.  Find out more at www.OrgEx.com.  

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