Before I started my practice in 2002, I was so frustrated with training that didn’t deliver results and consultants that wanted us to look at the world through their perspective, not ours.

Based on my decades of study, education and work experience around how human behavior actually works, I could tell instantly which consulting processes/training/tools would work and which ones wouldn’t work.  Most of them were not based on factors that were highly predictive of on the job performance.  Some of the authors of fad concepts may sell a lot of books, but most of these latest and greatest solutions fail to deliver any real results.

I have a lifelong obsession with knowing how things work and why things work the way they do.  I can’t help it.

I knew that improved results required behavior change and that behavior change was, and still is, hard to achieve.

I’ve evaluated every tool and process that I could find to see which ones would create the behavior changes necessary to improve results.  Most of them fail us in the same way that New Year’s resolutions don’t last.

In private practice, I developed a framework that explains and predicts how human behavior really works inside organizations.  Everything we do is based on factors that are most predictive of on the job performance.  With this knowledge, we know how to help employees, leaders and organizations create the behavior change necessary to deliver desired results.

I’m very fortunate.  I get to help companies achieve record setting results using the science of human behavior.

I’ve completed more than 250 projects and 2,100+ behavioral interviews.  My well-known clients have included Caterpillar, ThyssenKrupp and Generac.  Most of my clients are privately held middle-market companies. I’m privileged to have worked with many of my clients for more than ten years by delivering results on one project and then being invited back again and again.  In a 2016 survey of my clients (conducted by an outside firm), my clients said I helped them create more than $100 million in additional value based on my guidance.

I’m not bragging.  I’m humbled.

When employee and team performance improves, revenues and profits increase, competitive ranking improves and your company marches confidently toward industry-leading and record-setting results.

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