Organizational Performance Secrets Hidden in Plain Sight

Organizational Performance Secrets Hidden in Plain Sight Did you ever hear about the mysterious success of the Oakland A’s beginning in 2002?  The true story was made famous in the book and movie Moneyball. Here’s [...]

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Interviewing & Hiring – There is a better way!

Interviewing & Hiring –  Spend less and get better results! Benefits: Use more effective recruiting practices Improve the candidate evaluation process during each interview Evaluate candidates using factors far more predictive of on the job performance [...]

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What I Know And Why I Do What I Do

What I believe In everything I do I believe that there is an overlooked opportunity to significantly improve a company’s operational performance and financial results. Based on Research Research in the science of human behavior [...]

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3 Reasons You Might Want Us to Get Acquainted

Are you a business owner with any employee, leader or team performance challenges?  If so, here are 3 reasons you might want us to get acquainted: 1.  What’s different about top performing employees? Science of [...]

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Equip Your Team to Deliver Record-Setting Performance

Frustration Do you know, down to your toes, that your company could be and should be achieving better results? Is it getting more difficult to hire the right people?  Is your sales team under-performing?  Have [...]

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