Interviewing & Hiring – There is a better way!

Interviewing & Hiring –  Spend less and get better results!


  • Use more effective recruiting practices
  • Improve the candidate evaluation process during each interview
  • Evaluate candidates using factors far more predictive of on the job performance
  • Avoid hiring the best of what’s available
  • Avoid expensive hiring mistakes
  • Hire peak performers instead of average performers
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Spend less than using outside recruiters and get better results
  • There is a better way

The organizational performance of your company depends on hiring people who will excel at doing the work you hired them to do. 

The challenge is that the interviewing process is dysfunctional on both sides of the desk.


Candidates arrive at interviews with well-rehearsed and perfect answers to every possible question you might ask.  Your role may not be a good fit for them, but every person wants to be wanted. 

Some candidates think they want to do the job you have available, but are not a match.  Some candidates are in desperate financial circumstances or know they are about to be fired so they eagerly want the next opportunity that comes along.


Business leaders are often frustrated with the interview process.  Some argue that they should just flip a coin. 

When it comes right down to it, business leaders don’t feel confident that they can accurately assess whether a candidate will deliver the results they promised during the interview. 

This is why most hiring decisions are based on affinity and/or the urgent need to fill a position.

An Innovative Process

We shared your frustration about the process and we were determined to figure out a better way. 

We created a behavioral interview framework, based on the science of human behavior.  It uses the factors most predictive of on the job performance in each situation.

We’re glad to teach you our process, but if you want to improve results immediately, let us help you.  It’s up to you.  In either case, we’ll bring our expertise and experience with more than 2,000 behavioral interviews and help you improve hiring and avoid costly hiring mistakes.


  • Start by asking questions about what “on the job success” looks like in the role, understanding who else this person will be working with and the culture of your company.
  • Create an Ideal Candidate Profile (ICP). Describe the role in factors that are highly predictive of on the job performance.  If you don’t know where to start, we have some suggestions.  Ask us.
  • From the ICP, create proposed job postings, a job description and interview questions.
  • If we do the in-person interviews they are approximately 75 minutes long. Whether the person is a fit for the position or not, we leave them wanting to work for your company.
  • If we interview a candidate we write a 2-4 page report comparing each candidate to the Ideal Candidate Profile. Comparing the candidate to the ICP is essential to making the process as objective as possible.

 Proven Results

We’ve completed more than 2,000 behavioral interviews for our clients.  Our expertise includes two models of behavioral interviewing, conversational interviewing, facial expressions and non-verbal behavior. 

Our guarantee is that we will tell you in our 2-4 page report what you will know about the job candidate six months after you hire him/her. 

One of our clients (a CEO) offered this testimonial: “Before working with Jim, I was 1 for 9 in hiring the right people.  After letting Jim help us, we are 4 for 4 – and all 4 “new” employees are still performing well (1-3 years on the job).”

How are we different?

In addition to our behavioral interviewing expertise we are unique in three ways:

  • We sit on your side of the desk and help you find the right person for the job. We are not pushing candidates on you hoping you will hire one of our candidates.
  • Some companies agree to do 3 interviews and, if you need more, you pay more. We are on the project until the right person is hired.  If that means more interviews, no problem and no additional charge.
  • We have a unique process to source the best candidates for the position that brings candidates directly to the company and not through search firms.


You will find that our process, tailored to each role, is a streamlined and efficient process and costs less than what you would pay an outside contingency recruiter.

Interested in learning more?

Contact us to discuss how we can help you systematically recruit more home run hitters to your company.  Email our Founder and CEO, Jim Connolly at to set up a time to talk about your recruiting and hiring challenges (no-cost and no-obligation).

OrgEx – Improving Organizational Performance Using the Science of Human Behavior

About Jim Connolly

Jim Connolly is Founder & CEO of OrgEx, Inc.  OrgEx, Inc. helps companies systematically apply principles of human behavior to improve operational performance and financial results.

Jim is a sought-after speaker who uses humor to challenge the thinking of his audiences.  Jim understands how people think and uses that knowledge to equip, cajole and inspire audiences.  He has spoken to audiences as large as 1,100 people.

In his consulting practice, Jim helps clients with their most pressing people challenges, including:

· Eliminating hiring mistakes
· Reducing employee turnover
· Underperforming teams – sales teams, project teams, leadership teams
· Leader performance challenges
· Resistance to organizational change efforts that are necessary to move the company forward
· Systematically building toward record-setting and industry-leading performance

Whether it’s a company-wide issue or working with a specific department or team, we know how human behavior works so we know how to improve organizational performance and financial results.  Find out more at  

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