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Is there a gap between the results your company is currently achieving and the results that you know your company could be or should be achieving?

This gap in your results is not about revenue, sales calls, productivity, cost cutting, employee engagement, production or finances. The gap at your company is an organizational execution gap.  More effort, features, teamwork, training or even lower prices are not the answer.

Good News / Bad News

Here’s your biggest organizational challenge.  Humans are not designed to deliver their best results inside invisible, artificial organizational structures and processes.

The good news is that, humans perform adequately as long as there is no stress, tension or pressure.  This explains why some or most companies do well some or most of the time.

The bad news is that under stress, tension and pressure, humans retreat back toward increasingly predictable, selfish and raw instincts (think fight or flight).

You have a basic understanding of human behavior because you are one and you’ve worked with humans all your life. Maybe you’re even a talented and gifted leader.

However, most leadership is about orchestrating collective activity and results. Most leaders don’t have expert knowledge about how the individual parts of the organizational “machine” actually work.

Create Unmatched Competitive Advantage

What if your employees were better equipped to create a high performance, no excuses mindset?  Their new mindset would inspire and draw every employee toward delivering industry leading results.  What competitive advantage could you create?

We help companies apply human behavior principles to improve operational performance and financial results. Our expertise includes human behavior, organizational dynamics, culture change, Mental Toughness, leadership effectiveness, organizational change and behavioral interviewing.

Call or connect with me today and we can work together to improve leadership effectiveness, employee performance and organizational results at your company.

About Jim Connolly

Jim Connolly is Founder & CEO of OrgEx, Inc.  OrgEx, Inc. helps companies systematically apply principles of human behavior to improve operational performance and financial results.

Jim is a sought-after speaker who uses humor to challenge the thinking of his audiences.  Jim understands how people think and uses that knowledge to equip, cajole and inspire audiences.  He has spoken to audiences as large as 1,100 people.

In his consulting practice, Jim helps clients with their most pressing people challenges, including:

· Eliminating hiring mistakes
· Reducing employee turnover
· Underperforming teams – sales teams, project teams, leadership teams
· Leader performance challenges
· Resistance to organizational change efforts that are necessary to move the company forward
· Systematically building toward record-setting and industry-leading performance

Whether it’s a company-wide issue or working with a specific department or team, we know how human behavior works so we know how to improve organizational performance and financial results.  Find out more at www.OrgEx.com.  

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