Mystery Solved – Improving Company Performance Using a One Sentence Story


Why should business leaders spend the time learning more about how human behavior really works?  When they do, they realize that they have overlooked the factors most predictive of employee, team and company performance.

Without these insights, most companies are leaving millions of dollars on the table – every year.

It’s every company’s Moneyball story.  The book Moneyball is based on a true story, but it’s not just a baseball story.  It’s an organizational performance story.  Here’s a one sentence summary of Moneyball:

In 2002, the Oakland A’s, with a payroll 1/3 the size of other teams, delivered a much better ROI than their competitors and continued to do so for several years.

Mystery Solved

How did this happen?  The Oakland A’s “discovered” factors that turned out to be far more predictive of on the job performance than the factors other teams were using.

Here’s the most amazing part!  Every team had the same information/data that the A’s had, but every team, except the A’s, overlooked or dismissed the data – until the A’s used that information/data to outperform other teams year after year.

Is the same things happening at your company?

Learn more about human behavior really works.  When you do you’ll “discover” overlooked opportunities to outperform your competitors year after year.

About Jim Connolly

Jim Connolly is Founder & CEO of OrgEx, Inc.  OrgEx, Inc. helps companies systematically apply principles of human behavior to improve operational performance and financial results.

Jim is a sought-after speaker who uses humor to challenge the thinking of his audiences.  Jim understands how people think and uses that knowledge to equip, cajole and inspire audiences.  He has spoken to audiences as large as 1,100 people.

In his consulting practice, Jim helps clients with their most pressing people challenges, including:

· Eliminating hiring mistakes
· Reducing employee turnover
· Underperforming teams – sales teams, project teams, leadership teams
· Leader performance challenges
· Resistance to organizational change efforts that are necessary to move the company forward
· Systematically building toward record-setting and industry-leading performance

Whether it’s a company-wide issue or working with a specific department or team, we know how human behavior works so we know how to improve organizational performance and financial results.  Find out more at  

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